Offering High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces

A common type of heating system, gas furnaces are superior for a number of reasons. To start, a gas furnace produces heat faster than an electric system, regardless of how cold the air is outside. 

Gas furnaces can also be extremely efficient. The climate you live in will play a big part in how efficient your furnace is, yet many of our home furnaces operate at over 95% efficiency. That means 95% of the fuel you pay for is actually converted into heat for your home. Because gas is less expensive than electricity, gas furnace owners end up saving big over time.

Accutemp’s gas furnaces are efficient, precise, and intelligent for superior comfort, built to provide economically friendly comfort year after year. Contact us today about installing a new gas furnace in your home.

Want to add on-demand hot water? We can do that too: Learn more about on-demand hot water and other add-ons.

Connect to Natural Gas and Save

By connecting to natural gas for your home heating, you can save energy and money while enjoying the cozy warmth your family needs. Natural gas is piped directly to your home, meaning no more oil storage tank, wood chopping or filling propane tanks, and you’ll have more options for additional natural gas appliances too.

A natural gas furnace works well in any home. That’s because the new-age systems are made to a much higher quality standard. These furnaces have the ability to integrate well with hot water heaters, central home heating systems, or anything that requires heat to work.

Fortis BC $700 rebate

From Victoria to Duncan, whether you need a variable-speed gas furnace, single or two-stage home heating, call us now to see what rebates you qualify for. Keep more money in your wallet.

Be sure to visit FortisBC and the BC Government for rebate programs that are available!

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